Questions Frequently Asked by Prospective Members
Q. Does Naples Newcomers North have a central location?
A. No. Our activities are held at various venues in and around Naples.  Members are notified by email and through the website as to locations. 
Q. How long has the NNCN been in existence?
A. The original Naples Newcomers club was formed in 1980.  It split into the North and South Clubs in January of 2016 due to size limitations of dining venues. 
Q. Is NNCN a nonprofit organization?
A. Yes. We are recognized as a 501(c)7 as a social organization that is not for profit.  
Q. How many members do you have?
A. As of 2021, we are proud to have over 100 active members. 
Q. What is the difference between an Activity Group and a Special Event?
A. Activity Groups generally meet on a scheduled basis or at least a frequent basis (for instance, the last Thursday of every month). Special Events do not have a schedule…they either happen once or a few times a year, or on a more random basis. For instance, we offer a Couples Night Out Activity Group every month, but we could schedule a Little Black Dress Dine Out Event one month, and then not schedule again for a year. Our annual events of Sunset on the Beach, Turkey on the Beach and Christmas Party also happen only once each year.
Q. I might like to serve on the Board of the club. How does that work?
A. Every summer, we set up a nominating committee and send out a call for those who’d like to serve. Please let someone on the current Board or nominating committee know that you have an interest. Serving on the Board is a great way to get to know other members and to help the club grow and chance to meet our members' needs
Q. After I join Newcomers, how will I know I am a member?
A. You will receive an email with your login and password to access the members-only portion of the NNCN website.
Q. When do I need to pay my dues?
A. Renewal dues are payable in November and December for the following January renewal.
Q. How much are dues?
A. $50 per year.
Q. What if I am a vegetarian?
A. We always plan a vegetarian option for each Luncheon however we cannot accommodate specific food allergies.
Q. What are we going to eat?
A. We start with an entree and soft drinks and finish up with dessert and coffee. We leave the menu decisions up to the luncheon VP because she has never let us down. The food is always fresh and delicious.
Q. When are Luncheon meetings and how much do they cost?
A. The luncheon meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month and the cost is $30.