* Welcomers
Welcomers is a fabulous program to introduce our newest members to other women in our club and to help them feel comfortable at activities and events. Upon receiving a "Newbie" assignment, a Welcomer should either call or email the new member to introduce herself, encourage her to check the NNCN website for activities and share your favorite events. An offer to attend an event or two with the new member is usually met with gratitude. If you have the time, offer to meet for coffee or lunch outside of Newcomers.  We have had very positive feedback from our Newbies regarding this program.  
Please help us to continue this worthwhlle program and get to meet some of our newbies. We are in desperate need of more Welcomers. Please contact the Activity Lead/Coordinator for an assignment!
Welcomers Coordinator: Sally Caron at sallycaron@me.com or 925-708-2745