How to Join
The Naples Newcomers Club North
The Naples Newcomers Club North is a social organization for women designed to give residents of Naples the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other women in the area.   
Naples Newcomers Club North offers a combination of opportunities to provide you with an easy and comfortable transition to the area. Here is an opportunity to become a part of a growing and thriving community, to develop new relationships, and enjoy the friendship of other newcomers.  We welcome you to the Naples area and look forward to meeting you soon.
You can join Naples Newcomers Club North if you:
  1. Have moved within the past five years to the northern portion of Naples defined as north of Pine Ridge Road. If you live south of Pine Ridge, please visit our sister club Naples Newcomers Club South.  If you live north of Bonita Beach Road, contact Bonita Springs Newcomers.

  2. If you currently live in North Naples and had a life changing event - retired, widowed, divorced.

  3. Proof of residency in North Naples is required to join our club.  Provide proof of such residency through a Florida driver’s license, utility bill, a final HUD statement or other final escrow closing document, copy of a property deed as officially filed with the Collier County Recorder’s Office, or as may otherwise be determined by the Board, showing such residency status.

  4. Understand that Newcomers is a social club, marketing/solicitation/business networking is not permitted at our club activities.

  5. Attend an information session.

  6. Pay pro-rated annual membership dues ($50), plus an initiation fee ($75).
To join you will need to attend an Information Session held via Zoom.  During the Information Session, prospective members learn about Naples Newcomers and the various events and activity groups that are available.
Following the information session, if you decide to join, you will be asked to:
  1. Register on-line. The online registration process includes:
  • Payment- one-time fee of $75 plus your annual membership dues which will be prorated based on the quarter you join $50 for January decreasing to $12.50 in the four quarter.  Agreement to our policies and indemnity (for a preview of the release click link- Release and Indemnity Agreement Do not sign/send the document- agreement is included as part of the online registration. To preview, click here.​​Release and Indemnity Agreement.)
    2. Provide proof of  your address as described above.
    3. Photo (head shot) of yourself for your profile.
Click here to contact Membership and schedule your information session!
We'd love for you to join us!